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Lockin it In with Deb and Per

Live every Friday at 1:00 pm 
Per’s the mortgage guy who just wants to get it done.
Deb’s the real estate sherpa and loves the details — she likes to dig deeper. As a married couple, Deb and Per are the real estate team to beat.

Together, they take a casual approach at exploring topics important to home buyers and sellers, with the goal of easing the fears and challenges associated with buying or selling a home.

You’ll stay updated on the Puget Sound real estate market and explore options for buying and investing you didn’t know were there.

Listen to Locking it In with Deb and Per to keep informed and entertained while exploring real estate-related topics with guest experts and power up to become a confident, informed buyer or seller.

Sep 25, 2018

This morning, you'll want to listen in. 
This evening, be the hit of the party as you impress your friends with your knowledge of Title Insurance and Escrow.

We'll chat with Randi Smith Peterson, from Rainier Title.

Randi is a Senior Account Manager at Rainier Title & Escrow with the added benefit of having been a licensed broker. Her business is driven by 3 Pillars: Listening — Identifying Options — Connecting Clients to the Solution(s). She is grateful every day for a challenging and fulfilling career, a family that brings her joy and much laughter and a posse of friends who can depend on each other through thick and thin. Life is Good.